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AllSport America offers a variety of safe surfaces for any type of athletic court you are looking for, including residential and commercial basketball courts, tennis courts, home gyms, volleyball courts and full gymnasium projects using our patented flooring systems.

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Response 6.0 Flooring

Response 6.0

For nearly two decades, Response has been the choice of both NCAA and USA Volleyball, with nearly every championship from the Juniors to the Olympics being contested on this surface. Response was also recently chosen as an official futsal surface by the US Soccer Foundation. Response provides superior performance, traction, and shock absorption and is suitable for nearly any sport at any level.

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Defense Flooring


Originally developed for the roller hockey industry, Defense is a proven performer for all kinds of activity. Its low cost makes it an excellent surface for elementary and middle school gyms and activity centers, and the wide range of color options make it possible to customize any space for everything from four-square and dodgeball to basketball and volleyball.

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Response HG Flooring

Response HG: Maple Select

A beautiful, high-performance flooring system ideal for school gyms, private schools, and church activity rooms, Response HG (High Gloss) features SportGuard™ advanced surface technology, a glossy and durable polyurethane top coat that extends the life and look for years of service. Response HG can be retrofitted over most existing surfaces, including VCT/VAT and concrete, to provide resilience, safety and performance that requires no adhesives or anchors.

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Response Retrofit

Response HR Retrofit

Response High-Resilience™ is specially formulated to cover aging floors. Retrofit your gymnasium with Response HR you avoid potentially large abatement costs and possible exposure to hazardous materials that come from replacing old worn-out floors. Plus, Response HR is engineered with Lateral Forgiveness™ for reduced joint strain and improved traction and ball response to help your athletes perform at their highest levels.

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Response HR Customizable

Response HR Customizable

Customize your floor with Response High-Resilience™. Give your athletes improved shock absorption so they can perform at their highest levels and keep playing longer with the safety of built in Lateral Forgiveness™ and improved resilience, customized for your sport.

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PowerGame™ is the perfect outdoor playing surface for almost every sport including basketball, roller hockey, and tennis. It's a revolutionary new surface that provides superior traction capability while minimizing skin abrasions in the event of a fall. It's the highest rated surface available on the market.

Athletes and orthopedists alike know concrete is the archenemy of the knee. Unlike pavement, our Ortho-Cush™ surface softens the blow as you come down for a rebound and springs back for the fast break. It reduces knee strain on every cut through the lane with the "give" of its Lateral Forgiveness™ technology. With its superior traction, it helps prevent your kids from ever even knowing what an orthopedist is.



Newly designed in 2008, SportGame is an excellent multi-purpose sports surface. SportGame delivers solid traction and ball response, with a reduction in abrasiveness, all at an affordable price. SportGame delivers both great value and performance.



SportDeck, the standard of the industry for over a decade, continues to be a top performer, especially for tennis and net games. Its patented top surface increases ball spin and is a durable, attractive alternative to traditional tennis surfaces.



The textured surface of SportRoll has an excellent slip coefficient and is extremely durable. It's a true multi-purpose floor made of a vulcanized rubber that offers both versatility and value. The rolled surface is available in several colors.



With its race-inspired look, SportTread is our most popular modular garage surface. Water, mud, oil, and other materials in the garage can simply be swept or sprayed away, leaving your automotive showroom pristine. SportTread can be installed over almost any hard, flat surface, creating a classic home for your favorite ride.

Circle Tile

Circle Tile™

The latest addition to our garage line, Circle Tile creates a uniquely patterned, slip-resistant surface for your car or motorcycle. Easy to install and to maintain, Circle Tile is available in our seven select garage colors.


NikeEach year Nike recycles over 2 million athletic shoes into granulated rubber and other materials. This Nike Grind stock is then used in the manufacturing of a number of Sport Court surfaces, increasing the performance of the surfaces. We've been Nike's exclusive partner in the Reuse-a-Shoe program since 1998.



Sport Court is the official flooring of many professional leagues and collegiate programs throughout the world. We're versatile enough to be played on a variety of surfaces from Division I NCAA Volleyball Championships to the international Basketball Federation to the Asian Futsal Confederation. We're also the official surface of USA Track & Field.

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