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For Human Resource Departments

Positive Financial Impact for Businesses
Many studies have assessed the financial impact of programs offered in the workplace that promote health, and many have proven positive ROI for businesses. Due to the healthier workforce that results from these programs, they’ve been shown to not only lower healthcare costs, they also help control and reduce other costs, including those associated with workers compensation, disability, productivity, absenteeism and even turnover.

One daily active employee can reduce your healthcare premiums by up to $4,000 - $5,000 per year. A full game of basketball requires 10 individuals … that’s $40,000 - $50,000 per year (the average cost of a court).

With a Sport Court Game Court, your company will develop:

- A business culture of wellness

- More connectivity between leaders in the company and employees

- A work/life balance for everyone

- An overall healthier workforce which leads to reduced healthcare premiums

- Increased employee retention and decreased employee absenteeism 

For Facilities Departments

Sport Court Game Courts and Bocce Courts improve quality of life on campus and add an active, athletic environment for employees and executives to enjoy.  

Sport Court surfaces come with patented lateral forgiveness, vertical lift and the highest rated shock absorbing leg structure in the industry.  This means the safest and newest technology in court surfacing for employees. 

Our patented bocce surfaces remove maintenance from the equation, unlike traditional high  maintenance oyster shell and DG surfaces.