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Cross Court Fitness Systems for your outdoor game court family exercise fun!

Cross Court

Multi-Activity Bench

The Multi-Activity Bench provides a platform for a variety of exercises and stretches. Hook feet under the crossbar at the top for sit-ups, in the other direction, the user can lay on back or side for leg lifts. Move to the end of the bench for dip exercises and push-ups.

Cross Court Fitness Station: Multi-activity Bench

Crunch Sit-Up Bench


The Crunch Sit-Up Bench is elevated for a more intense workout. The bench provides a crossbar for securing feet and a second bar to keep knees bent. This classic crunch will tone and develop the muscles at the front and sides of the torso, specifically the abdominals and obliques.

Cross Court Fitness Station: Crunch Sit-Up Bench

Incline Sit-up Bench / Leg Lift

Incline Sit–ups provide a more intense abdominal workout than level sit-ups. Muscles worked include the rectus abdominals, hip flexors and to a small degree, the external oblique. Incline Leg Lifts are performed while on back, holding handles overhead. Incline leg lifts primarily target the core abdominal muscles. Depending on how exercises are performed the obliques, hip flexors, and quadriceps can all be trained.

Cross Court Fitness Station: Incline Sit-up Bench / Leg Lift

Vertical Knee Raise

The Vertical Knee Raise is one of the best exercises for working the entire abdominal wall, the lower abdominal muscles in particular. On the Vertical Knee Raise body weight is supported on the forearms, the body is rigid, and thighs are lifted to a horizontal position.

Cross Court Fitness Station: Vertical Knee Raise

Angled Ladder Climb

The Angled Ladder Climb is a rigorous training station requiring the user to support their full body weight while climbing upwards. The Angled Ladder Climb works shoulders, arms and back. Note: this station can be accommodated on the back (fourth) side of the upright if adequate space is available.

Cross Court Exercise Station: Angled Ladder Climb

Push Up / Tricep Dip

Push-Ups are done facing the pole using the handholds on the lower section of the station. Tricep Dips are done between bars with back to the pole, holding the higher bars and legs outstretched forward.

Cross Court Fitness Stations: Push-Up / Tricep Dip

Heavy Bag

The heavy bag is used for all Martial Arts training and other strength training as well as pure fun. Shadow boxing provides a whole-body workout; it builds upper body strength, core and leg strength, power, cardio and stamina. An individual should make sure they wear gloves to protect their hands when hitting the bag, and use proper form so they do not injure their hands or wrists. The Heavy Bag station has a quick clip on/off mechanism for easy removal or installation of other bags.

Cross Fit Fitness Station: Heavy Bag

Leg Stretch

The Leg Stretch fitness station is versatile and can be used for stretching the back of the legs or held onto for balance while performing other stretching exercises. With feet outstretched forward and leaning back an easier pull-up can be performed.

Cross Court Fitness Station: Leg Stretch

Pull-up / Chin-Up Bar


For pull-ups, the user has palms facing away, for chin-ups palms are facing towards them. Pull-up/chin-up is some of the best upper body exercise. Depending on how the exercise is performed (narrow grip, normal grip, or wide grip), different muscle groups are worked: lats, biceps/triceps, upper back, shoulders and more. Note: this station can be accommodated on the back (fourth) side of the upright if adequate space is available.

Cross Court Fitness Stations: Pull-up / Chin-up Bar



When using the Squat fitness station, the user faces the bar and holds with both hands, bending their knees to a low squat position, then back up. Two bars are provided to accommodate varying user heights. Squats provide a total lower body workout. They work the major muscle groups of the glutes, hips and thighs.

Cross Court Fitness Station: Squats


Step-Up with Step-Up Grab Bar



The step-up exercise works your quadriceps, hamstrings, and upper and lower calf muscles. The Grab Bar provides stability. By adding hand weights workout intensity is increased.

Cross Court Fitness Stations: Step-Up with Step-Up Grab Bar

Tricep Dip with the Tricep Dip Step

The triceps, the muscles at the back of the upper arm are the primary muscles affected when doing dips. Tricep Dips also work the major and minor chest muscles (pectorals), shoulders (deltoids) and the upper back (rhomboids).

Cross Court Fitness Station: Tricep Dip with the Tricep Dip Step

Parallel Bars / Horizontal Pull-Up



The Parallel Bars fitness station provides a great arm workout. The foot-rest bar is used to help lift to the starting position. For Horizontal Pull-Ups, the user places their feet on the foot-rest bar while holding the parallel bars from underneath.

Cross Court Station: Parallel Bars / Horizontal Pull-Up

Cross Core Suspension Training Attachment


Cross Core Suspension training uses a person’s body-weight to perform a wide range of exercises that develop strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, balance, core strength and much more. All that is required is your body-weight and Cross Core suspension training gear rotational body-weight equipment and your Cross Court Multi-station Upright.

Cross Court Fitness Station: Suspension Trainer Attachment

Muscle Ropes





The Muscle Rope Cyclone is a special blend of high strength polyester and performance polypropylene perfect for indoor use as well as outdoor use. This rope will not shed and is a great choice for Cross Court Workout Systems. Black rope with thin colored tracer.

Cross Court Universal Court Upright with reversable sleeve

Cross Court Custom Upright Posts are designed to accept all our Cross Court exercise stations.  On a typical court, you can have one station on each side of the post and a Suspension System or Heavy Ropes on the court side of the post. Each post is constructed with half loops at the top and bottom facing the court to allow for the connection of the Suspension System and Heavy Rope modules.

Cross Court System Packages--On Court


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