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Premiere Court

Premiere Court

Premier Court is a manufactured composite that when combined with standard acrylic recreational coating creates the Premier Court Surfacing System:

  • Cushioned, crack-proof, maintenance free surface designed and proven to prevent the costly repairs of cracked tennis and game courts
  • Patented free floating design ensures long-term success because it covers the entire court area, secured only at the perimeter, creating a weather proof barrier
  • An all-weather cushioned sports surface
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor installations
  • Designed to be an overlayment to hard courts, either asphalt or concrete
  • Developed to eliminate existing cracking problems and prevent future problems
  • A surface for courts on ground level, courts on roof or garage decks, and perfect for courts with limited or poor access
  • A surface that provides consistent playability shot after shot
  • Will not crack - Guaranteed for 25 years

Provides 225% more shock absorption than a cushioned acrylic court

Premier Court Cracked Court Renovation