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TitanTrax Shield®-TN

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AllSport America offers TitanTrax Shield®-TN, an economical alternative to both expensive crack repair systems and total pavement replacement of cracked tennis courts.

TitanTrax Shield®-TN is a special fabric applied over the entire tennis court surface instead of only individual visible cracks. When the cracks widen during the cold winter months, this fabric bridges the weak pavement areas.

Shielding your pavement with the TitanTrax Shield®-TN fabric is effective because it is purposely not bonded to the court surface allowing the base to expand and contract at will. The Shield protects your court from the harsh elements and also will help prevent cracks from developing elsewhere on the covered tennis pavement. With the “Shield” rest assured, cracking will not reflect through to the new surface.



Court MembraneAdvantages of TitanTrax Shield®-TN

  • Moisture Barrier – Protects surface water from infiltrating the asphalt below significantly reducing the risk of further cracking.
  • Dimensionally Stable Barrier – Holds its shape under heavy usage
  • Thermally Stable Layer – Does not expand or contract in climatic temperature extremes.
  • Economical Solution – More cost effective than re-building, or slip sheet/petromat overlays
  • Warranty – Low cost system with 5-year warranty that can be extended in 5-year increments
  • Quick Renovation – Quick and simple with immediate surface application; no waiting for curing of asphalt or concrete
  • Green Alternative – No hauling off old asphalt. No use of new petrochemicals. Reduced fossil fuel use during application. Extends life of existing pavement.
  • Protects From Cracking – An independent, free floating surface installed over existing asphalt or concrete.

Crack Repair

Crack Repair

Crack Repair