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We can provide you with tennis court resurfacing for your existing residential backyard tennis court, or we can build you a new tennis court from scratch. Either way, we are your Northern California Tennis Court Construction and Surfacing Specialist.

Many backyard tennis courts in the past have been built with an asphalt base which break down and crack over time. Asphalt courts typically do not have long-term warranties against cracking.  Even more, they require significantly more maintenance over the life of the court. Sport Court® Tennis offers the option of constructing an engineered concrete sports base.  We utilize synthetic overlay systems that have longer-term warranties against cracking.

Tennis Court Surfaces

Choose from a variety of surface applications including: Sport Court® Modular Surfaces, Nova’ ProBounce Cushioned Hard Court, or standard acrylic painted tennis courts with Sport Court® Urethane Enhanced 100% Rohm-Hass Acrylics. Sport Court Tennis will customize the court to match your needs.

Sport Court Modular Athletic Surfaces are the official modular surface for the USTA Youth Tennis matches. 

Multi-Sport Tennis Courts

Backyard Tennis Court, Residential. Multi-Sport Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Pickleball, Badminton | Sport Court Northern CaliforniaOur outdoor, backyard Multi-Sport Tennis Courts feature multi-sport net systems and adjustable tempered glass basketball systems.  Also included is 10-foot high ball containment fencing around the entire perimeter, and regulation tennis and volleyball lines. LED Tennis Lighting Systems are also available.

Tennis Court Design

There are many options when it comes to designing your tennis court.  The Sport Court modular surfaces have 24 different colors to choose from.  You can have a color for the tennis court, another for the border, and a third color for an outside perimeter border.  Most tennis courts are two colors, however we've completed many with 3.  When your tennis court has an acrylic coating, the options are a bit less but still there are many options.  

Visit our tennis court gallery for some design ideas.  

If you want to see something very extraodinary, visit the project called “Art Courts.” This was spearheaded by the United States Tennis Association as part of a 50th anniversary celebration of the U.S. Open. Organizers hope to inject a dash of enthusiasm and color into community tennis courts in underserved neighborhoods — as well as enliven a sport that, to some, possesses a reputation for stuffiness and adherence to rules.

We are proud to serve residential and commercial communities in Northern California and Nevada, including San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Reno and the entire Bay Area. Contact us today for a friendly hassle-free estimate. 

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