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Bocce Builders of America offers professional design, construction services and unique surface systems for residential and commercial bocce courts. We specialize in our Patent Pending Official World Synthetic EPDM (US Pat#9,174,112 B1) and Pacific Pearl Bocce Surface (US Pat #9,539,490 B2) systems, which require virtually NO maintenance, last for years and have been become the most desirable playing surfaces across the country. 

Bocce Ball Court Surfaces

Old school bocce surfaces require rollers, hoses, brooms and rakes--these surfaces are prone to pooling, leaf accumulation as well as a medium for moss growth and animal matter integrating into the surface.  The pure organic surfaces including both pure oyster blends and decomposed granite are also dusty to play on and become compacted and dense over time.  

For the traditional look of these old world surfaces we offer our hybrid Pacific Pearl Bocce Surface System which incorporates a fibered synthetic medium,organic sub-angular cushioning sands, oyster flour and crushed oyster shells. The Official World Synthetic System is ideal for the more exacting, precise, competitive players. With both of these surfaces you have low to NO MAINTENANCE except to keep your guests wine glasses filled and perfect the backspin on your bocce shot!

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