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Basketball Systems

Sport Court® has designed professional quality in-ground basketball systems that ensure the best in performance and safety. Our Slam Systems feature superior corrosion protection and an advanced height adjustment system for easy use by players of all ages. Tempered glass backboards deliver pro-level ball rebound, and the included backboard and pole pads provide increased safety.

Sport Court Basketball Hoop Systems, Backboards, Backstop, Rim, Break Away Northern California Bay Area

Sport Court Basketball Hoop System

10' and 20' Rebounder Systems

Sport Court Rebounder Bounce Back Net Tennis

Light Systems

Extend your playing time with Sport Court® Light Systems. Our lighting solutions let your family play a set of tennis or game of H-O-R-S-E well after the sun goes down.

Sport Court Lighting Systems LED Backyard Residential Outdoor

Backyard Sport Court Northern California Outdoor Light System Court Light LED Night Play

Ball Containment

Keep the fun on the court with Sport Court® Ball Containment. We have developed a unique system that utilizes a soft-fence netting that delivers years of attractive protection for your court. The netting and framework are designed as temporary structures, as opposed to more costly and permanent chain-link and other fencing.

Sport Court Ball Containment Fencing Fabric Northern California Bay Area
Backyard Sport Court Northern California Fencing Outdoor Perimeter Ball Containment