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Tennis Court Surfacing

“Patch & Paint” Resurfacing Options

Sport Court Tennis can repair cracks and resurface tennis courts in a number of ways. The simplest and least expensive way is to simply “patch and paint” the court.

First we flood, screed or stain-identify any low areas and sand court where necessary. Then we remove chipped or other loose areas from the court. We also excavate all the cracked areas and then clean them out to accept the patch material. After we blow the area clean we then use a mixture of cement, sand and acrylic material to use as a court patch binder. The court patch binder is applied to the cracks and then allowed to dry. After the material is completely dry, we then sand the material smooth prior to application of the Resurfacer application.

Sport Court Tennis Court Acrylic Color Coat Resurfacing

Depending upon the severity of court surface degradation, we can perform more stringent sanding of the entire court, or apply additional coats of either asphalt emulsion coats or acrylic resurfacer.

Sport Court Tennis then applies either a coat of asphalt emulsion or SportCoat Epoc acrylic resurfacer to the entire court. Our SportCoat Epoc is an epoxy modified acrylic resurfacer. This product is different from standard acrylic resurfacer and has superior adhesion properties to seal and bind substrate with the acrylic color coatings and diminish the potential for delamination of materials. The epoxy is added at a rate of 50:1 ratio – epoxy to acrylic. After the resurfacer dries and is sanded we then generally apply three coats of a urethane modified acrylic color coating to the inside of all courts and two to three coats to the perimeter depending upon coverage. The first coat and batch shall be 20 gallons – 15 gallons of urethane fortified neutral colored acrylic at a ratio of 50:1 acrylic to urethane, five gallons of urethane fortified colored acrylic (same mix ratio), 150 pounds of Nevada 60 round sand, and ten to fifteen gallons maximum of added water. Quantities of batches will be based on the total square footage of the project broken down into court center and border. The second coat and batches shall be 20 gallons(but reverse neutral and color quantities) – fifteen gallons of urethane fortified colored acrylic (50:1 mix ratio as above) five gallons of urethane fortified neutral acrylic (50:1 mix ratio as above), 150 pounds of Oklahoma 85 mesh sand. The final color coat shall be 100% pure urethane fortified colored acrylic with no neutral and a maximum 50 pounds of sand. The court is then lined to USTA specifications.

Sport Court Tennis Court ColorsSport Court Tennis Urethane Enhanced 100% Rohm-Hass Acrylic Color Options

Sport Court Tennis provides access to a number of color coating options, as opposed to just one by some of our competitors. In addition to our Sport Court Tennis Urethane Enhanced 100% Rohm-Hass Acrylic Colors, we are also able to also provide acrylic coatings from Nova, Extol, Laykold and others as needed.

Sport Court Tennis Rubber Cushioned Acrylic Coatings

Depending upon the level of rubber cushioning desired, Sport Court Tennis will apply six to twelve coats of rubberized material to the court prior to application of the final acrylic color coats.

Tentrex-3000 Spun Bonded Polyester Fabric

AllSport America offers Tentrex-3000 Spun Bonded Polyester Reinforcing Fabric. The fabric is a thermally set, spun-bonded polyester non-woven fabric made up of 100% continuous polyester filament fibers that are randomly arranged and reinforced with a 5 x 5 polyester scrim for added strength and stability.

Sport Court Tentrex-3000 Spun Bonded Polyester Reinforcing Fabric has high tensile and tear strength, wets out well with both cold applied cutbacks and emulsions, non-raveling, moisture, rot and mildew resistant, lightweight, good sunlight resistance and possesses good elongation and recovery properties when properly applied.

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