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Why Sport Court®? 

Comparison Testing

When looking at your backyard basketball court or multi-sport game court project, you want to make the informed decisions.  Sport Court® started the backyard court industry over 40 years ago.  Since then, there have naturally been a few other companies who have joined the industry.  Most of these companies are tile sales companies who sell online as DIY (Do It Yourself) packages.  Some have local reps who sell you the tiles and components, and have you work with a Sport Court® contractor to piece everything else together. 

Sport Court® Northern California is the only total sports construction company.  We manage everything from consultation, design, sale, site prep work, construction, engineering, installation and post-project customer service. These are permanent, large-investment projects that require much more than a causal online approach. This is a real construction project going into your property, so it deserves the time, attention and professionalism. 

Sport Court® Northern California is the only Certified Court Builder and Class A Licensed General Engineering Company in the Northern California area. We also have a Certified Tennis Court Builder on staff. These designations and certifications are necessary to understand all aspects of residential and commercial sports construction. 

Beyond the construction, there is a lot of data out there about Sport Court® versus some of the other online tile companies like Versacourt®, Snap Sports® and Rhino Court®. Neither of those 3 companies have their contractors license -- they are strictly in the sales business and do not have experience in building or the ability to hold a contract for construction.  

Here is some data completed by a 3rd party testing laboratory, comparing Sport Court to these internet tile companies. 

Sport Court® vs. VersaCourt®

You can see here that Sport Court® PowerGame™ has 907 Dual Height Support Legs.  Dual height legs translates directly into shock absorption, as the shorter legs have room to compress while the longer less provide stability.  Sport Court® PowerGame™ is 11% heavier. Sport Court® has over 5x as many dual height support structures, (These features provide even distribution of load, long term durability,shock absorption response,surface contact as well as stability).

The VersaCourt outdoor tile has 155 single height legs, which means far less stability and almost zero shock absorption!

Sport Court has more surface contact area for improved Traction.

Accelerated weathering in QUV (sun exposure) showed Sport Court® tile with Proprietary Anti-UV Technology resisted fading over 4x as long!

Picture of VersaCourt® surface we replaced, after it had been installed for 3 years. 

versacourt faded tiles

You will talk with someone on the other side of the country, they sell product to you and you're responsible for finding a group to manage all the site prep work, construction and installation. 

Sport Court® vs. SnapSports® 

SnapSports® is another company who will sell direct to consumer, or they will work with a local sales rep who can sell you their tile systems.  Very similar to the VersaCourt®, we see a lot of product failure and sub-par test results from this manufacturer.  Here was another data set of testing done by a 3rd party comparing SnapSports® tile product to Sport Court® products. 

Outlined in red you will see the data points that mean the most. 

1. Wet Traction

2. Ball Bounce % (compared to concrete)

3. Shock Absorption %

4). Skin Abrasion (how rough the surface is on skin when you fall)

Why Sport Court Testing Data versus SnapSports
1. Wet Traction - You see the the wet traction coefficient of PowerGame™ (47) versus the Bounceback™ (39).  This means that when it's damp, wet or dew sitting on the surface, the SnapSports® products will be a lot more slippery.  

2. Ball Bounce % - When installing a backyard basketball court or game court, you want something that reflects true ball bounce.  All testing is compared to concrete which would rate 100% ball bounce.  Sport Court® PowerGame™ and SportGame™ products rate at 99% true ball bounce, compared to the SnapSports® 95%

4% - 5% difference in ball bounce percentage is significant and relates to consistency and sound.  You don't want balls bouncing left and right, like if the ball were lopsided, because of the surfaces sub-par performance characteristics. 

3).  Shock Absorption % - This one is pretty self explanatory.  Sport Court® PowerGame™ at 17.3% and SnapSports® BounceBack™ at 15.10%.  Sport Court® wins in this category as well.  You want the most shock absorption you can get so your body stays young and healthy for as long as possible. 

4). Skin Abrasion - Who wants to fall on a surface and know that they're going to scrape up their arms and legs?  Sport Court® prides itself on safe, low-abrasion, high traction performance surfaces.  Again, in this category, Sport Court® beats the industry by a landslide.  Compared to SnapSports® ShockTower™, you can see the astounding results. Sport Court® products come in at 8.8% and 7.2% abrasion rating compared to SnapSports® 73.1%!!!

Sport Court® vs. Rhino Court®

All that we know about Rhino Court® is they are another online sales company and work with a tile sales rep in the Bay Area.  He does not hold a contractors license so again, you will need to work with another party to handle the construction and installation.  More work for you. 

Their tiles are known to be the cheapest in the market with warranties that specifically exclude fading.  No testing has been conducted agains their products to date. Many of their parts are made with cheap, plastic tubing and fail quickly.

faded rhinocourtFaded Rhino CourtFaded Rhino Court