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Guardian® Crack Repair

The GUARDIAN® Crack Repair Product for tennis courts combines an advanced flexible fabric with an ultra aggressive adhesive capable of 300% elongation, to create a crack repair membrane that allows the crack below to move and is capable of returning to the original positing. Nothing or no one can stop the ground from moving. The ground moves due to expansion and contraction during the changes of temperature each and every day and or due to constant settling and shifting of the ground. The key property of the GUARDIAN® Crack Repair Product is that it can move and flex as the ground does. Additionally, the GUARDIAN® Product is waterproof and by preventing water from penetrating down into the existing crack, the GUARDIAN® Product significantly minimizes the potential for reoccurring crack damage. The GUARDIAN® Product has proven effective in all types of weather and temperature ranges from below freezing to over 200° Fahrenheit.

The GUARDIAN Crack Repair Product provides outstanding longevity and durability, assuring long-term success of the repaired cracks on tennis courts. The product has proven so successful, the manufacturer provides a two-year warranty for the product that covers the replacement cost, material and labor were any section of the Guardian® Product to fail.

Playability is also where the GUARDIAN® Crack Repair Product excels. The exclusive “Peal and Seal” technology is designed to adhere to the existing game court base. General complaints with other types of crack repair systems such as dead spots and roping due to their design are not relevant with the GUARDIAN® Product.
The GUARDIAN® Crack Repair Product is an excellent low-cost repair system the is easily installed and finished by Sport Court of Northern California using our 100% Rohm-Hass Acrylic coating materials.

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