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AllSport America has installed commercial and residential athletic surfaces and gym flooring across Northern California and Nevada. From school gyms, multi-purpose rooms, home gyms and rec centers, we are the perfect choice for your indoor athletic flooring project.

Our Sport Court® athletic surfaces provide an excellent choice as an alternative to expensive traditional wood floors. You won't need to worry about re-surfacing a wood floor every year with our application.  Our indoor Sport Court® floor systems look and play just like wood!  Furthermore, they have extremely low life cycle costs, low maintenance and can last up to 25-30 years.

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Modular Surfaces

Sport Court™ indoor athletic flooring systems deliver excellent traction and shock absorption for a wide variety of activities.  These activities include volleyball, basketball, dance, soccer, futsal and other school events. Our commercial athletic flooring can typically be installed in two to three days.  This makes it an excellent option to retrofit over any hard flat surface.  Who doesn't want a gymnasium floor that requires less maintenance and repair than most other indoor surfaces?


A beautiful, high-performance maple flooring system ideal for school gyms, private schools, and church activity rooms.  It looks and plays like a real hard-wood court!  Response HG (High Gloss) features SportGuard™ advanced surface technology. This is a glossy and durable top coat that extends the life and look for years of service. Response HG can be retrofitted over most existing surfaces, including VCT/VAT, concrete and wood.  This athletic surface provides resilience, safety and high performance that does not require glue or anchors.  


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For nearly two decades, Response™ has been the choice of both the NCAA and USA Volleyball.  As a result, nearly every championship from the Juniors to the Olympics was contested on this surface. Response™ was also recently chosen as an official futsal surface by the US Soccer Foundation®.  This athletic surface provides superior performance, traction, and shock absorption.  It is suitable for nearly any sport at any level.


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First developed for the roller hockey industry, Defense is a proven sports surface for all kinds of activity. Its low cost makes it a great surface for elementary and middle school gyms and activity centers.  The wide range of color options make it possible to customize any space for everything from four-square to basketball.


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Underlayment Options

Sport Court® underlayments are designed to provide a sound and shock absorbing sub base to our performance floor systems.  The ranges of density provide a perfect balance of resilience given the various applications.  In addition, you can customize your floor based on the desired level of shock absorption.  Certain thicknesses are better for basketball and volleyball, whereas others work better in fitness, dance and aerobics rooms.  Our Sport Court® Specialists and Design Team will work to come up with the ideal system for your facility.

All underlayments used under the indoor Sport Court® flooring is made with Nike Grind. Nike has been a great partner in helping drive a very shock absorbing system in a very sustainable way. 


At AllSport America, we take pride in making the best indoor surfaces in world and it all starts with you. Getting to know the needs and desires of our customers is vital in choosing the floor or surface that is right for YOUR facility. We only use the best athletic floors and surfaces from our exclusive partners, Sport Court® and Connor Sports®.  Our install teams are all certified by our partners and are employed only by AllSport America. This assures our clients of a quality process from start to end and communication that is clear and accurate. This is our passion.  We didn’t choose the tagline “Sports Construction Specialists” by chance! 

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“When an agent secures a listing on a home with a Sport Court® in it, I know they will have a much easier time finding a buyer for that house than a similar home with a swimming pool.”

- J.B. Goodwin, CEO/Broker, JBGoodwin Company

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“I wanted to let you know how much we love our Sport Court®. At least one of our three kids uses it every day. I promise I'm not exaggerating – we use it every day.”

- Cindy and Lamar Slay

Backyard Tennis Court Multi Sport

“The first night the court was completed, our entire family had a blast playing tennis and basketball and we realized how much 'together time' we had been missing.”

- Mac Pfeiffer

Backyard Basketball Court Sport Court

“My ability to continue to play through the joint pain, after so many years on concrete, was reaching the point of no return. Sport Court® gave me a second chance; and I am able even now at 65 to play two hours with no problems of any kind.”

- Howard Rubin

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“I am writing to tell you how much our Sport Court® has meant to my family over the 14 years that we have had it. I have two boys, who early on used the Sport Court® to learn to ride tricycles and bikes because we live on a steep hill and this provided the only flat surface. They learned to hit the baseball off a tee and to catch. Eventually they learned to shoot baskets. They each have been excellent three-point shooters attributable solely to many hours they spent on the court.”

- Donde L. Plowman

Backyard Sport Court Game Court

“It's become an even bigger bonus now, with eight grandchildren, than it was with four children.”

- Russell Gregory

Backyard Basketball Court Sport Court with shuffleboard Sonora

“You originally constructed my Sport Court® in 1980 when my daughter was in middle school and my son was a freshman in high school. I feel that this contributed to their success in athletics in high school. My son played football and my daughter played several sports but she excelled in basketball she was selected to the All-District First Team.”

- Jenalou Hunsucker

Backyard Sport Court Game Court

“Dear Mark, It is almost 18 years ago that you built our court. Well, our kids are married but we have 4 grandkids. The grandkids have now taken over the court; it is neat to see them play so hard like our kids did. The investment of the Sport Court® game court is one of my best!!! There has been almost no maintenance in 18 years. The pool that we installed at the same time, the maintenance cost for that has been thousands of dollars over the years. Also, the usage of the court is at least 5-1 over the pool.”

- Len Ruby

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“Words cannot describe my gratitude. I can't believe what you did for me. I told John the entire story with (competitor) and how mad I was. Then I told him how awesome you were and how you came through with the Hockey equipment for his party. I wish I were working with you on this project but I know we will work together in the future. I can't wait to tell (competitor) all of my feelings. Thanks for being there today!”

- Michele Beach