Court Accessories

Sport Court® Northern California can supply and install all your court accessories, such as basketball backstops, volleyball equipment, wall pads, divider netting and more. Why deal with multiple suppliers and contractors when you can select one company to handle it all?

Coordinating these court accessories is a cumbersome and time consuming process when installing a new athletic surface, not to mention costly if you have to pay for re-mobilization charges due to conflicting installation schedules. Having one team to handle all aspects of your project will ensure a better experience, with more efficient installation and better communication with you, our customer.

Wall Padding

Wall padding is an essential safety key to any gymnasium. Whether you need column pads for steel beams protruding from the walls, or wall pads behind the backstops, this feature is essential. Our padding comes in a variety of stock and customer colors to match your school or facility’s décor. Custom logos can also be applied so your opponent never forgets whose house they’re playing in! Pads are available in both stock and custom sizes to make sure your installation fits perfectly and looks professional.

wall padding
wall padding

Indoor Floor Covers

Your new athletic flooring is a significant investment, so why not protect it for longer life? We have many options to suit your floor and programming needs. Activity from tables and chairs, food service and street shoes all affect your new sports floor surface and should be considered prior to utilizing your facility.


Hosting events in your facility is a great way to earn additional revenue. However, the extra traffic and scrapes from street shoes, table legs, wheeled carts and other items can also do a lot of damage to your playing surface. 

You don't have to sacrifice events in order to protect your floor! Our COURTCOVER™ solution is simple to install and perfect for all types of meetings or ceremonies. The 3’x6’ sections cover your entire floor and are easy to assemble/disassemble. The surface is both attractive and durable, and comes in several color options. 


Our vinyl floor covers are manufactured with more coating on the top for durability and less on the bottom for better floor grip. It is made to your custom dimensions to best suit the needs of your facility; it comes in 37, 27 26, 22, 21, 18 and 13 oz fabric options and is treated to protect against mold, mildew and other odors and germs. Portable storage racks and tape dispenser options are also available in a wide variety of colors.

vinyl floor


Our Enviro Guard Protective Cover is lightweight and durable, made from 75% recycled materials. It looks and acoustically performs similar to carpet and is highly resistant to tears, rips and stains. It also has moisture-wicking properties to absorb spills.

portable basketball backstop


We can recommend and install the perfect basketball backstop to meet your needs – from ceiling-suspended units to portables and wall mounts, we have them all! With commercial grade glass backboards, breakaway rims and height adjustable units, Sport Court® Northern California will supply a backdrop that not only meets your needs today, but also well into the future.

volleyball equipment


Volleyball systems have become a lot more complex than they used to be! Choose between steel or aluminum, fixed or multi-height. Do you need portable systems or ones that sleeve into the floor? Not only do we supply a large variety of volleyball equipment, we also have our own core drilling equipment to make ground installations as smooth as possible. Our installers are experts in surfacing systems, and they will guarantee your new volleyball system fits into the floor seamlessly.

An Industry Leader You Can Trust...

We are proud to be the world's largest builder of courts and athletic flooring, with over 25,000 court installations! Sport Court® Northern California is your trusted source for total sports construction.