What's Under Your Court?

Permeable Sport Court Foundation

SportBase™ - A Revolutionary "Green" Concrete Replacement

SportBase™ is a modular sub-base flooring that is durable and easy to install. It is custom made to withstand outdoor elements, encourages water drainage and is environmentally friendly. SportBase™ is the ideal base for installing Sport Court® modular product anywhere. 

SportBase™ is quality concrete replacement for any outdoor court surface. It is made from 100% recycled material and was specifically engineered to be used under a Game Court system. As they say: It's what's underneath that counts!


Eliminate Concrete

  • You no longer need a concrete pad - instead, this creates a portable court system
  • This product replaces impervious concrete and helps you avoid any hardscape restrictions in your community
  • There is less use of heavy equipment at install and easement limitations are avoided



  • Average court installation saves the energy equivalent of one U.S. home's annual electricity amount
  • Typical court install reduces more carbon than eliminating 5,600 miles of car driving
  • Product is recyclable and is made from 100% recycled plastic


Safety and High Performance

  • Our outdoor court system has 2 to 3 times the shock absorption than our competitors
  • We have the highest head-impact rating, helping prevent injuries from falls
  • Superior ball bounce

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Sport Court SportBase

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