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Our outdoor, backyard Sport Court® Basketball Courts let you play like a pro! Choose from full-basketball court, half-court or just the key - we have the court to perfectly match your space.

Our shock absorbing surfaces are ranked #1 in the industry, reacting similar to hardwood instead of concrete. You can also complete your backyard Sport Court® basketball court with tempered-glass adjustable SlamSystem™ and an LED court light to keep playing after dark.

We make building a backyard court simple. Our team will custom-design one to fit any size, space, budget or activity level. You can also try our online Interactive Court Builder to see different designs for your court. Plus, with Sport Court®, you know you are getting the preferred sports surfacing technology, as Sport Court® is the official playing surface for organizations like NCAA, FIBA, US Soccer Foundation, USTA, NBA Jam Session and many others.

Backyard Basketball Court Design

Designing a backyard basketball court can be intimidating if you don't know where to start. Our team members will go through all options with you, including the sports foundation engineering, size and shape of court, the type of performance surface, size of basketball backboard goal and the game line striping. You may think that striping is pretty straightforward, but maybe you want an NBA size key instead of collegiate. Your 3-point line could also be for high-school, college or NBA. A high-school 3-point line is usually preferred, since your kids are probably still living at home and using that same radius at school.

Basketball Court Foundation Options

We recommend the foundation of your backyard basketball court be concrete, which provides the most stable, long-lasting and low-maintenance foundation. Asphalt will oxidize and become brittle over time, thus is susceptible to cracking. Your city ordinances or municipal codes may have restrictions on the amount of hardscape, or impervious coverage, your property can have. Don't worry! We created a system called SportBase for just this situation.

SportBase is an interlocking modular base system. It allows water to percolate right through it, as well as through its aggregate-base layers. This system is portable, eco-friendly and shock absorbing. It is a great secondary solution when concrete is not possible. 

Basketball Court Playing Surface

Sport Court® is proud to be the world's leader in backyard athletic performance surfacing. All our leading outdoor surfaces are safe, orthopedic and long lasting. We have built courts for NBA players on the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings, in addition to thousands of families in Northern California. 

Sport Court surfaces are now used by major athletic organizations, such as the NCAA, US Soccer Foundation, Olympics, US Youth National Futsal Championships, NBA Jam Session and many others.

Basketball Court Pricing

The largest factors in pricing are site work preparation and size. Color, surfacing, basketball hoops and striping are also factors, but will influence the cost less drastically. 

If precision, performance, safety and quality are your priorities, call us and set up a complimentary assessment.

The Benefit of Playing at Home

When you provide a safe place for your kids to play sports at home, you no longer have to worry about their safety at your local park, either from strangers or the unforgiving concrete surfaces. A Sport Court® backyard basketball court removes all those concerns! It also provides a convenient spot for your kids to engage in regular, daily practice if they decide to play sports for their local basketball team or club.

Help your children gear up for next year with these 13 Training Tips to focus on before and after their season. 

Design Your Own Sport Court®

Design your own outdoor backyard Sport Court® Basketball Court, Game Court, Tennis Court or Futsal Court with our Interactive Court Builder. You can pick your court dimensions, colors, accessories and other optional upgrades. Once finished, you'll be able to print or email your design to your local Northern California dealer, where a Sport Court® Specialist will follow-up with you.

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We are proud to be the world's largest builder of courts and athletic flooring, with over 25,000 court installations! Sport Court® Northern California is your trusted source for total sports construction.