The Sport Court network of CourtBuilders will take care of all the details for your project, from design, construction and installation to responsive support and service.


Your home is your family's haven. With more than 150 million square feet of Sport Court surfaces installed, your CourtBuilder has the experience and expertise to build the court that will add to your home and family time.

  • Sport Court CourtBuilder network is made up of family business owners local to your community, experienced in all aspects of court construction.
  • We care about your family and our community. Our CourtBuilders are factory trained, licensed, insured, and are ready to provide you with the customer service and expertise that is synonymous with Sport Court.
  • Buying online can be fast, but what is lost along the way? Your local Sport Court CourtBuilder will walk you through the full process, from design to construction, giving you peace of mind as we build your new court for your family to enjoy.


1. Contact Your Local Sport Court CourtBuilder

Your CourtBuilder will visit your home to assess space, installation requirements and cost estimates. Safety and respect for your family are a top priority. Ask about our no-contact, no-home-entry visits.

2. Schedule An Estimate

Let us help you understand the entire process, from your first thought to the first game on your new court! Your CourtBuilder will start to work with you to determine which court layout and accessories best support your space and favorite games.

3. Professional Installation

Each project is unique so construction requirements and timelines will vary. Your subfloor properties may include pouring a concrete slab to specification, anchoring the court and using ramp edging for safety and security. Many backyard courts can be fully installed within a few short days!

4. Maintain Your Sport Court Game Court

While a quick power-wash is sometimes all you need, your local CourtBuilder can provide a periodic cleaning program, customized to your family’s court.


Check out the questions below to ask when considering a backyard court. Sport Court CourtBuilders take care of all of the details allowing you to sit back, relax, and start planning all of the ways you will use your new court.

1. What sports will my family play?

Knowing the answer to this will help to guide your entire design process including which surface is best for your needs, the size of the court, and what sports equipment you may need, such as nets, lights, and a basketball hoop.

2. What is the best space on my property to place the court?

Generally a court cannot be built inside your property's setback lines. These setbacks vary by town and zones within each town. Other considerations may include large tree roots, septic tanks, and flatness of the yard.

3. Should I approach my court as DIY or should I work with a CourtBuilder?

Building a court is a unique construction project in your backyard. As a long term investment for your family, your CourtBuilder will work as your consultant to ensure the project is done right the first time.

4. What permits are required?

Permits vary widely between municipalities. Sport Court CourtBuilders are local to your area and often well-versed in permit requirements. Your property or plot plan may be a good resource to reference as well.

5. Where are the access points to my yard for equipment?

Building a backyard court can be a significant construction project requiring access for various equipment. Your local Sport Court CourtBuilder will help you through all the equipment and access requirements for your project.

6. What subfloor is best for my court?

It all starts with a solid base. Your Sport Court outdoor surface will be installed over concrete, asphalt or SportBase. Don't worry if you do not have this already, your CourtBuilder is prepared to help with all aspects of construction, including subfloor preparation.

7. What will I do if my court needs repair or cleaning?

Sport Court manufactures the best sports surfaces in the business, but if something does go wrong or your court needs a quick tune-up, someone will be close by to assist you today and in the years to come. Your CourtBuilder can also provide a periodic cleaning program, customized to your specific needs.


"Our local CourtBuilder™ made designing and installing our backyard game court a simple and fun process."

- Lisa W, Texas