Backyard Sport Court® Multi-Sport Residential

With a backyard Sport Court® Multi-Sport Game Court, you can give your kids a safe and entertaining space to play that they will appreciate no matter their age.

These days, its important to know where your kids are playing and Sport Court® has been providing safe and orthopedic multi-sport game courts for over four decades. We provide a variety of specialized playing surfaces and durable sports component systems. For a space starting as small as a quarter of the size of a tennis court, you will create special family bonding that will last you through grand kids. These are the same surfaces used in the NCAA, USTA, FIBA and US Soccer Foundation.


You might want to consider adding our “see-through” ball containment fencing around 2, 3 or all sides of your court. We can always add a gate if you want full enclosure!

This is a removable multi-sport net pole.  Attached is a net adjustment system, a mechanism that allows the net to move up and down easily, from tennis to badminton, as well as from women’s to men’s volleyball.

Choose from our Collegiate 60” or Pro 72” wide tempered-glass backboards. These are mounted on the Sport Court adjustable arm system ranging from 7’ to 10’ – this way everyone can SLAM DUNK!

Include a Rebounder System on your court to practice your tennis strokes, catch-and-shoot for basketball, or to kick a soccer ball against. It ties seamlessly into our fencing system and adds FUNction.

Almost all our courts include painted game lines for basketball.  Choose from a high-school, college, or professional NBA lines to match your level of play!

To make this an official “Game Court”, we can add short-format tennis lines (POP Tennis or Paddle Tennis) or pickleball lines to your project.  It’s time to challenge your friends to a match.

Shuffleboard lines can be included as an option on your court.  While the kids play basketball, you and your friends can enjoy a competitive, low-impact game of shuffleboard.  #winning

Backyard Game Court Design

Sport Court® Northern California will design an outdoor, residential backyard Sport Court® Game Court that matches your landscape and budget. With a backyard Sport Court® Game Court, fitness and family bonding are just a few steps out the door! Give your family a reason to turn off the screens, get the body moving and have some fun.

We have several backyard multi-purpose game court options to choose from, including the foundation engineering, size, performance surfaces, colors and width of your glass backboard. We can also paint stripe lines for basketball, tennis, pickleball, badminton, paddle tennis, volleyball, futsal and/or hockey. You can add ball containment fencing, rebounder systems and LED court lighting so you can play sports at night.  

Check out our online interactive court builder tool to help you design your court

Residential Backyard Basketball Court, Sport Court. Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Futsal, Pickleball, and Badminton | AllSport America

The Game Court Sports Foundation

Every court first requires a foundation. Although concrete is the most consistent and low-maintenance foundation, your local government may have hardscape coverage limitations for your property. Sport Court® manufactures SportBase™ for this kind of situation. This is a permeable, interlocking base which is laid on an aggregate rock base. Water percolates through the SportBase™ panels and aggregate, thus does not add to your impervious coverage. Ball bounce is always optimal with a concrete foundation coupled with the Sport Court® surfacing system. But if concrete is not possible, then SportBase™ is the nearest best thing.

SportBase Portable Sport Court Foundation Backyard Concrete | AllSport America

Sport Court Game Court Athletic Surfacing

We offer a wide variety of leading indoor and outdoor multi-purpose and basketball performance surfacing products. PowerGame and SportGame are rated #1 and #2 in the inustry for backyard multi-purpose court surfaces. They've earned the top ratings in all categories for ball bounce, force reduction, low abrasion, high traction and slip resistance. Because Sport Court surfaces are great for basketball, tennis, pickleball, badminton, volleyball, futsal, soccer and roller hockey, these surfaces are chosen by leading sports organizations, such as the NCAA, NBA Jam Session, Olympic Committee, USA Volleyball, US Soccer Foundation and the US Youth Futsal National Championships. 

Residential Backyard Sport Court Game Court, Basketball Court | Spend Time With Family and Children | AllSport America

Game Court Pricing

Cost is determined by a variety of factors, the biggest being the site work preparation and the size of your court.  Although other factors certainly play a role, they are less significant to the overall project cost. Our team members will go through each piece of your order to help meet your budget needs.

The Home Advantage

When you provide a safe place for your kids to play sports at home, you no longer have to worry about their safety at your local park, either from strangers or the unforgiving concrete surfaces. A Sport Court® backyard basketball court removes all those concerns! It also provides a convenient spot for your kids to engage in regular, daily practice if they decide to play sports for their local basketball team or club.

To learn more about other activities or sports for your kids, check out these resources by UNICEF Kid Power.

UNICEF Kid Power is all about kids being active and a significant part of that can include kids sports, games and activities. Check out their list of kids sports resources below!

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Sport Court® Northern California builds backyard Sport Court® Game Courts for families in Northern California and Nevada, including San Jose, San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma, Fresno, Carmel, Monterey, Chico, Redding, Reno, Sparks and the entire Bay Area.

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Games and Activities




Futsal / Soccer

Pickle Ball


Paddle Tennis

Roller Hockey

Lacrosse Practice

Four Square


Golf Practice

Skate Park


Pitching Practice

Outdoor Theater

An Industry Leader You Can Trust...

We are proud to be the world's largest builder of courts and athletic flooring, with over 25,000 court installations! Sport Court® Northern California is your trusted source for total sports construction.

Landscape Features

In addition to recreational surfaces, Sport Court® Northern California also provides several backyard landscaping features. With options that include retaining walls, walkways or simple surrounding landscaping, Sport Court® Northern California will bring charm to your whole yard.

Court Lighting

Play all night long with Sport Court Light Systems! With our lighting solutions, your family can keep playing together even when the sun goes down.

Ball Containment

Sport Court Ball Containment helps keep the game going. Our unique system utilizes soft-fence netting, providing years of attractive protection for your court. The netting, attached with horizontal and vertical framework, is designed as a temporary structure, unlike permanent chain-link and other more costly fencing.

Sport Court Landscape Retaining Walls and Design

Sport Court Game Court Installation Gallery

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“When an agent secures a listing on a home with a Sport Court® in it, I know they will have a much easier time finding a buyer for that house than a similar home with a swimming pool.”

- J.B. Goodwin, CEO/Broker, JBGoodwin Company

backyard basketball court sport court

“I wanted to let you know how much we love our Sport Court®. At least one of our three kids uses it every day. I promise I'm not exaggerating – we use it every day.”

- Cindy and Lamar Slay

Backyard Tennis Court Multi Sport

“The first night the court was completed, our entire family had a blast playing tennis and basketball and we realized how much 'together time' we had been missing.”

- Mac Pfeiffer

Backyard Basketball Court Sport Court

“My ability to continue to play through the joint pain, after so many years on concrete, was reaching the point of no return. Sport Court® gave me a second chance; and I am able even now at 65 to play two hours with no problems of any kind.”

- Howard Rubin

Backyard Basketball Court Golden State Warriors Colors

“I am writing to tell you how much our Sport Court® has meant to my family over the 14 years that we have had it. I have two boys, who early on used the Sport Court® to learn to ride tricycles and bikes because we live on a steep hill and this provided the only flat surface. They learned to hit the baseball off a tee and to catch. Eventually they learned to shoot baskets. They each have been excellent three-point shooters attributable solely to many hours they spent on the court.”

- Donde L. Plowman

Backyard Sport Court Game Court

“It's become an even bigger bonus now, with eight grandchildren, than it was with four children.”

- Russell Gregory

Backyard Basketball Court Sport Court with shuffleboard Sonora

“You originally constructed my Sport Court® in 1980 when my daughter was in middle school and my son was a freshman in high school. I feel that this contributed to their success in athletics in high school. My son played football and my daughter played several sports but she excelled in basketball she was selected to the All-District First Team.”

- Jenalou Hunsucker

Backyard Sport Court Game Court

“Dear Mark, It is almost 18 years ago that you built our court. Well, our kids are married but we have 4 grandkids. The grandkids have now taken over the court; it is neat to see them play so hard like our kids did. The investment of the Sport Court® game court is one of my best!!! There has been almost no maintenance in 18 years. The pool that we installed at the same time, the maintenance cost for that has been thousands of dollars over the years. Also, the usage of the court is at least 5-1 over the pool.”

- Len Ruby

Indoor Gymnasium Athletic Maple Flooring Sport Court

“Words cannot describe my gratitude. I can't believe what you did for me. I told John the entire story with (competitor) and how mad I was. Then I told him how awesome you were and how you came through with the Hockey equipment for his party. I wish I were working with you on this project but I know we will work together in the future. I can't wait to tell (competitor) all of my feelings. Thanks for being there today!”

- Michele Beach